The podcast where Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran put your favorite TV shows and movies on the couch

The podcast where Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran put your

favorite TV shows and movies on the couch

Latest Episodes

In Session with “Elf”

Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran to discuss a holiday favorite this session. They dive into a range of topics including adoption, delusions, and positive psychology. Don’t be a “Cotton-Headed Ninny Muggin,” listen to this holiday session! 

In Mini-Session with Hallmark Holiday Movies

This week Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran present a Reel Rounds mini-session focused on why people love Hallmark holiday movies. We discuss why these movies are so predictable yet so enjoyable. Is it all about the Christmas spirit?

Second Opinion on Holiday Family Drama

This week Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran introduce a new holiday-themed Second Opinion. We surprise each other with clips related to holiday family conflict, while reacting and sharing our thoughts on the spot. This Second Opinion features scenes from Instant Family and Four Christmases.

About Us

About the Podcast

From psychopathic serial killers to CIA operatives with bipolar disorder, depictions of mental health are pretty much everywhere in entertainment. But what’s exaggerated for the screen? And what can these portrayals tell us about actual psychological diagnoses and modern, evidence-based treatments? Hosted by two practicing clinical psychology PhDs, Freudian Scripts explores the real world of psychology today, destigmatizing mental health, through the lens of your favorite TV shows and movies.

Dr. Fran

Dr. Fran is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and specializes in working with individuals exposed to trauma and adversity across the lifespan.  Currently, she is a Research Faculty in a university setting seeing clients and conducting research.  Dr. Fran is also passionate about her work with at-risk youth and other underserved communities, including LGBTQ+ individuals. Her favorite movies and TV shows include most movies by Quentin Tarentino (think Reservoir Dogs), Fight Club, Atypical, and Sex Education. She is also a sucker for cooking competitions, including the Great British Baking Show and Top Chef.

Dr. Sam

Dr. Sam has a PhD in clinical psychology and specializes in pediatric psychology, working with youth with chronic illnesses. She is currently a post-doctoral fellow at a major academic medical center. Dr. Sam is passionate about clinical work and research. With training at some of the country’s most prestigious hospitals, Dr. Sam’s expertise includes health psychology, diabetes, adherence, sleep and working with adolescents/young adults. Her favorite movies and TV shows include Wedding Crashers, The Office, New Girl and anything by Wes Anderson or Tim Burton. 

Contact Us

For general inquiries, email the team at Let us know what movies or TV shows you’d like us to cover. Or send us questions you’d like us to answer on an upcoming episode.