In Mini-Session with “Evil”

Just in time for the end of Spooky Season, Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran bring you a  Reel Rounds Mini-Session ’rounding’ on psychology & exorcisms. 

The doctors introduce the show Evil and discuss Dr. Kristen Broussard’s role as a forensic psychologist on a team who investigates exorcisms and other unexplained phenomena. Definitely a job that seems too scary for Dr. Fran. 
Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran provide brief definitions of demonic possession and exorcisms, as described in the show. Join as they listen to an exorcism from Evil as well as the priests and mental health professionals discuss what they believe is at the root of the individual’s presentation. Then the doctors chat about their thoughts including providing some information about psychosis. Finally, Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran briefly discuss the complicated history between religion, mental health, and medicine. 
Happy Halloween!