Second Opinion on Holiday Family Drama

Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran this week for a holiday-themed Second Opinion mini-session. Just like you may seek a second opinion from a doctor, some TV shows and movies require a second look from Drs. Sam and Fran. We take turns surprising each other with clips from holiday-themed movies while responding and reacting in real time. 

For this Second Opinion, Dr. Sam surprises Dr. Fran with a scene from Four ChristmasesA couple visits the homes of their four different family members, who they usually avoid, on Christmas day. The doctors discuss setting boundaries with family members. The scene makes you wonder if you should have a safe word when visiting family for the holidays.
Then, Dr. Fran presents a scene from Instant Family. During a family’s Thanksgiving meal, family members give unsolicited opinions on a couple’s decision to adopt children. The doctors discuss different types of families and adoption. They also review communication strategies. Does judging family members lead to a pleasant holiday? Listen to find out.
Click the links above to check out the clips. You won’t want to miss this Second Opinion, and you can listen with your eyes open or closed. Mistletoe!
Check out resources from the American Psychological Association and the Mayo Clinic on managing holiday-related stress.