In Mini Session with Reality TV

Are you ready for the most DRAMATIC episode of Freudian Scripts yet? Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran on the latest Reel Rounds mini-session as they dive into the scandalous world of reality television.
Why do viewers love reality TV so much, and what are its psychological impact on both viewers and stars? From voyeurism to escapism, find out what keeps us hooked and the hidden consequences for those in the spotlight. We’ll analyze clips from Lifetime’s “UnREAL,” a behind-the-scenes drama about a fictional reality dating show, and the final season of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” where Rebecca concocts her own Bachelor-style dating game. Whether you’re tuning in for the psychological insights or the scoop on which reality shows Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran love, you’re here for the right reasons.
There’s only one question left to ask: Will you accept this podcast?