In Session with “Barbie”

Glossary of Terms

Cognitive dissonance – the discomfort that arises when we experience conflicting beliefs or attitudes

Feminism – the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes 

Feminist psychology –  a psychological approach that emphasizes the role of the female perspective in thought, action, and emotion in the life of the individual and in society. Also supports advocacy for public policies that advance equality and social justice and seeks to empower women in community, national and global leadership


Drs. Sam and Fran discuss the concept of cognitive dissonance and how it shows up for Barbie and the other characters, learn more here.

A big focus of this session was exploring the impact that Barbie toys have on body image among young women. See a review of the research here. We also discuss how toys impact children’s perceptions of race and skin color.

This session also allowed an opportunity to introduce a new (to the podcast) approach to psychologist, Feminist Psychology.