Second Opinion on SNL and Always Sunny

Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran this week for a special Second Opinion mini-session. Just like you might want a second opinion from a doctor, some TV shows and movies require a second look from Drs. Sam and Fran. For this new segment, we take turns surprising each other with a therapy-related clip while responding and reacting in real time. 

For our first-ever Second Opinion, Dr. Fran picks an SNL clip with Jane Lynch playing therapist to Andy Samberg. While guided imagery is a relaxation skill therapists use, things take an interesting turn in this sketch. PhDont’s fall from the imaginary sky! 
Then Dr. Sam surprises Dr. Fran with a scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In “The Game Gets Analyzed,” Mac and Dennis take turns speaking to a therapist. Having never seen the show before, Dr. Fran’s reactions are priceless. The doctors then finish up by rating the portrayals with our DSM-5 scoring.
Click the links above to check out the clips. Then download and listen. No second opinion neededyou won’t want to miss this new mini-session!