Second Opinion with “Fleabag” and “The Office”

Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran enjoyed being surprised by listener-submitted clips so much that they brought it back for this week’s Second Opinion mini-session! Just as someone may seek a second opinion from a doctor, some TV show and movie scenes require a second look from Drs. Sam and Fran. For this Second Opinion, Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran react to clips related to psychotherapy submitted by listeners (AKA Freudian Scripters). 

The doctors listen to the submitted clips for the first time and react in real time. First, they listen to a clip from The Office. Michael Scott receives mandated therapy from Toby. What could possibly go wrong in a six hour therapy session… In typical Michael fashion, the “therapy session” is riddled with misunderstandings and is not productive. However, we do glean some possible insights related to Michael’s desire to be liked although it doesn’t appear to apply to his relationship with Toby.

Then, Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran react to an initial therapy session from Fleabag. Fleabag similarly appears less than interested in therapy. And, her new therapist has almost as much trouble connecting with Fleabag as Toby has in his chat with Michael. We discuss the continued theme of not connecting with one’s therapist as well as feeling judged. 
We don’t think these therapists will be winning a Dundie anytime soon! 

Click the links above to watch the clips we review in this session.