Second Opinion on “Portlandia” and “What About Bob?”

Join Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran this week for an extra surprising Second Opinion mini-session! Just like you may seek a second opinion from a doctor, some TV shows and movies require a second look from Drs. Sam and Fran. 

For this Second Opinion, Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran react to clips and scenes related to psychotherapy submitted by listeners (AKA Freudian Scripters). The doctors listen to the submitted clips for the first time and react in real time. First, they listen to a clip from the sketch comedy show, Portlandia. A character pops in for an… unusual first therapy appointment. We chat about impressions someone may have about their first session and what a first therapy session may actually look like. Also, listen to find out if amnesia, color-blindness, and stuttering are real conditions?!
Then, Dr. Sam and Dr. Fran react to another initial therapy session between a patient, Bob, and his therapist from the movie, What About Bob? Bob shares all of his “problems” and the doctors discuss what may be going on with Bob. They review panic symptoms and a more passive therapeutic approach.
If you’re listening to this new mini-session your name must be Grace?… Alex, Theo, Erica?…. 
Click the links above to watch the clips we review in this session.